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Resort Fee Class Action

This class action continues to address the question of when it is lawful for hotels and destinations to charge those mandatory “resort fees”.  This class action alleges that two hotels in Las Vegas - the Venetian and Palazzo resorts - failed to properly disclose their resort fee until after the consumer had booked his hotel room online.  And then the disclosure was in such a form that the consumer did not find out about the fee until after his stay.

Candy Crush Class Action Lawsuit

Candy Crush is a wildly popular mobile phone game.  Players can purchase “lives” to advance further in the game (I guess).  This class action alleges that (the game’s owner) has removed “lives” from players account without warning or consent, robbing those players of the “lives” which were purchased.  


Lumber Liquidators Class Action Lawsuit

This class action alleges that certain Lumber Liquidators hardwood flooring brands contain illegal levels of formaldehyde - a known carcinogen.  This class action seeks among other things to force Lumber Liquidators to replace the alleged contaminated flooring for all US consumers.

Nordstrom Rack Class Action

This class action challenges the pricing practices at  California Nordstrom Rack stores.  These stores purport to offer the shopper discounts on retail prices.  This class action alleges that those supposed retail prices are in fact nonexistent and are designed to make the shopper think she is getting a discount when in fact she is not.

This class action alleges that Walmart Vision Centers and Sam's Club Optical stores overcharge consumers.  How?  When a consumer presents an insurance card, the complaint alleges that these vision centers collect the maximum allowed under the particular insurance plan but then do not fully deduct that collected amount from the amount the consumer is charged.

This class action addresses the question of whether toothpaste can claim to be “natural” (and sold to the consumer for a premium price) when in fact the toothpaste contains Glycerin and Sodium Laurel Sulfate, two synthetic chemicals.

Anglie List accused of deception in class action lawsuit

This class action lawsuit alleges that even though Angie's List makes numerous claims as to the independence and unbiased nature of the reviews on its site and how Angie's List presents and orders these reviews, in fact the web site treats service providers that pay for advertising better than service providers that do not pay for advertising.  

Tinder lawsuit alleges fraud
One Tinder user has brought a class action alleging that the recently enacted fee-for-service business model violates California law insofar as the users were promised a free service.  This action may have broad implications about how mobile application companies can charge for their services.
Walmart spam robo-calls

One Walmart customer received 33 robo-calls in a 6 week period towards the end of 2014.  It appears those calls were related to Walmart’s credit cards.   The viability of this lawsuit as a class action may turn on whether his receipt of these calls was a one-off system glitch or a concerted effort to spam Walmart shoppers.

Walmart deceptive label lawsuit

Walmart labels its Great Value brand juice 100% Juice Cranberry Pomegranate.  Yet a close reading of the label reveals that the primary ingredients are water and cheap grape juice.  This class action alleges that Walmart falsely advertises this juice as primarily containing Cranberry and Pomegranate juice when in fact it does not.


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