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Debt Collection Agency Select Resources Group Faces TCPA Class Action

Individual Seeks Compensation for Illegal Robocalls 

An individual who received unsolicited communications from Select Resources Group (Select Resources), which is a debt collection agency, has filed a federal California class action lawsuit under the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The complaint that initiated the lawsuit specifically states (1) that Select used a robocaller for the communications and (2) that the individual did not consent to those communications.

The alleged harm from the asserted TCPA violation extends beyond invading the individual’s privacy; he claims as well that his wireless provider billed him for the communications from Select. The requested compensation in the class action includes the statutory penalties, which can equal $1,500 per unsolicited text or call to a landline or cell phone, under the TCPA.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act Requirements

The TCPA is designed to protect all individuals against many types of unsolicited telephone call or text messages that are sent via a robocaller. One specific requirement for sending these communications is that the individual who receives them has expressly provided prior consent for them.

The scope of this protection extends well beyond debt-collection activity to encompass any communications for any purpose via a robo-caller. Marketing calls and texts are common examples of this prohibited activity.

Eligibility for TCPA Class Action

Anyone who has received an unsolicited call or text via a robocaller from Select may qualify to join this lawsuit. Other people who have received any form of call that the TCPA prohibits from anyone may also complete the web form on this page to share your story and receive a free legal review.

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