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GT Advanced Technologies Lawsuit alleges fraud

GT Advanced Technologies is in bankruptcy and the stock is near worthless because the company’s contract with Apple to provide production of sapphire material went into the toilet.   This case attempts to partially recover investor losses from the underwriters who raised money for the company and any insurance policies in effect during the class period.  The basic questions are whether senior executives oversold the value of the Apple contract and undersold the liquidity issues with GT Advanced Technologies’ performance under that contract.

Arrowhead lawsuit re securities fraud

Did senior executives of Arrowhead purposely overstate the efficacy results of the Phase IIa trial of ARC-520 on a August 12, 2014 investor conference call?  That is the question of this securities fraud lawsuit.

Pacira lawsuit by shareholders

The FDA issued a warning letter to Pacira Pharmaceuticals alleging that it misbranded and overstated the efficacy of Exparel.  This securities fraud lawsuit alleges that Pacira’s revenues up until the disclosure of the warning letter were based in part on sales based on overstating and misbranding Exparel.

Textura lawsuit re gross margins for CPM

Textura stock price has dropped dramatically in part because of two research reports by Citron Research that question several basic assumptions about the revenue projections and business prospects of the company.  This class action questions the veracity of those reports.

Everyware lawsuit alleges securities fraud

Everyware had forecasted to investors a bright future.  Suddenly though on May 15, 2014, Everyware announced a quarterly loss and that it was in default of covenants in certain debt instruments.  The stock went into a tailspin.  This class action focuses on whether senior executives mislead investors about the company’s business prospects.

AcelRx Lawsuit:  Optical error rates

AcelRx makes a novel pain dispensing device called Zalviso. Starting in late 2013, its stock went on a tear after the company announced that the FDA had approved AcelRx’s submission of its New Drug Application (“NDA”) for Zalviso.  Fast forward 8 months.  AcelRx discloses that the FDA has real problems with frankly basic provisions of AcelRx’s NDA.  These problems will delay Zalviso’s to-market date by perhaps 18 months if not longer.  (18 months is a life time for a development stage drug company with limited cash.)  Did executives then overstate to investors the likelihood of the FDA approving its NDA?  Do these overstatements constitute securities fraud?  

Bankrate lawsuit alleges securities fraud

The SEC is investigating Bankrate’s 2012 financial statements for potential material errors in how Bankrate recognized both revenues and expenses.  This securities lawsuit addresses the questions of whether senior executives know of these errors and whether executives had the proper accounting controls in place to prevent what appears to be basic accounting miscues.

EDMC charged with securities fraud

Education Management is a for profit college.  The entire industry has come under the microscope for a host of deceptive practices in how colleges enroll students, report student loans to the government and report assets on their respective balance sheets.  For the last number of years, senior executives at Education Management have assured investors that it does not suffer from these ills.  Through a series of disclosures and revelations, it has become clear that senior executive of Education Management may have misrepresented to investors the company’s involvement with and reliance upon with these industry-wide problems.  This securities lawsuit seeks to revoker for investors monies lost due to these alleged misrepresentations.