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False Advertising

Colgate-Palmolive Soft Soap False Advertisement Class Action Settlement

The a lawsuit argues the Colgate-Palmolive Company used deceptive labeling and marketing for liquid hand soap containing the antibacterial ingredient triclosan that Colgate has manufactured, marketed, promoted, and/or sold.

Truong Giang Corp. False Advertisement Class Action Settlement

The case alleges that Truong Giang Corp. made false and misleading claims, and breached express and implied warranties regarding its products. 

These products include:

Walmart’s All Natural Cornstarch False Advertising Class Action Settlement

The lawsuit claimed that Walmart’s Great Value All Natural Cornstarch’s labeling was false and deceptive in that it led purchasers to believe that the product was “All Natural,” when in fact it included genetically modified organisms (GMO). 

Telebrands Ped Egg False Advertising Class Action Settlement

The lawsuit alleges that Telebrand marketed a product, the Ped Egg™, through advertising that consumers would receive a bonus Ped Egg™ for "free" when in reality consumers were charged and required to pay shipping, or processing or handling charges in excess of what is permitted by law.

Congoleum Defective DuraCeramic Class Action Settlement

The lawsuit makes claims about the durability of certain DuraCeramic tiles. The case claims that DuraCeramic tile sold failed as a result of a common design defect and that Congoleum failed to honor or perform under its lifetime limited warranty of the product. 

PlayStation Vita False Advertisement Class Action Settlement

The Federal Trade Commission has alleged that some SCEA advertisements for the PlayStation Vita before June 1, 2012 were deceptive. 

Excelsior College Online Nursing Program Class Action Settlement

The lawsuit argues that Excelsior College withheld material information regarding the ADN program and that Excelsior College made misrepresentations and omissions regarding quality of the education. 

Kettle Brand Chips False Advertisement Class Action Settlement

The lawsuit argues that Diamond foods violated state and federal laws in its marketing and labeling of its Kettle Brand® products. 

FTC LeanSpa Settlement Refund

The FTC and the State of Connecticut have reached a settlement with LeanSpa for allegedly using fake news websites to promote acai berry and "colon cleanse" weight-loss products, making deceptive weight-loss claims, and telling consumers they could receive free trial products by paying a nominal fee for shipping and handling.

Kia Misrepresented Fuel Economy Class Action Settlement

Lawsuits have been filed against Kia Motors America, Inc. and Kia Motors Corporation claiming that they misrepresented the fuel economy (or miles per gallon estimates) on certain Kia vehicles in the model years 2011, 2012 and 2013.


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