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Domino’s Drivers Class Action Lawsuit Seeks Vehicle Expense Reimbursement

Dominos Pizza Delivery Class Action LawSuit

Dominos 30 Minute guarantee highlights delivery men hidden vehicle expenses 

Everyone over 40 remembers the 30 year-old 30-minute guarantee of pizza home-delivery giant Domino’s. That promise was that any pizza that was not delivered within half-an-hour was free. Most of us did not consider the impact of the promotion on the high school students and other folks just trying to earn a few bucks who delivered the pizzas; similarly, many pizza lovers still do not consider that those food-service workers incur direct costs, such as gas, and numerous indirect wear-and-tear costs that include (1) shorter brake lives, (2) a need for frequent oil changes, (3) and literally burning rubber on tires.

Class action asserts mileage reimbursement principles and employment laws

RPM Pizza, LLC (RPM Pizza) owns 138 Domino’s franchises in Mississippi and Louisiana Delivery personnel working for RPM Pizza have filed a class action against RPM Pizza asserting that the drivers were systematically not repaid mileage expenses and other expenses associated with delivering pizza, including the expenses set forth above.

The driving-related expenses that Domino’s drivers incur are the reason that corporations typically provide transportation expenses to sales representatives and other employees whose jobs require regularly using their personal vehicles for business-related purposes.Dominos Pizza Delivery class action focuses on mileage expenses This practice is so common that it is incorporated in the federal tax code. The drivers state that denying them adequate compensation for the costs related to using their own vehicles to deliver pizza illegally reduces their wages below the federal and state employment wages.

Joining the Dominos Pizza Delivery Class Actions

The drivers filed the lawsuit in Mississippi.  Anyone whose employer does not properly reimburse him or her for business-related use of a personal vehicle may qualify for participating in the lawsuit or may be grounds for initiating a separate class action. Complete the web form on this page to share your story and receive updates as the case proceeds.