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Defective Solar Panels

Michael Allagas, Arthur Ray, and Brett Mohrman have filed a class action lawsuit against BP Solar International, Inc, and Home Depot USA, Inc over the sale of allegedly defective solar panels. The suit seeks to represent all California residents who purchased solar panels manufactured by BP from approximately 2001 to 2010 or own properties on which BP solar panels were installed.

There is a fire hazard associated with the solar panels.

Two incidents in which roof fires originated in or near the recalled roof panels have been reported. These incidents involve homes sold by Centex. No injuries have been reported.

Recent statements from a variety of industry watchdogs and recent disclosures from customers, suggest that the quality of solar panel construction may cause a significant fraction of solar panels to become defective in as little as two years. This class action investigation then seeks to understand if this problem is wide spread.

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