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Front Loading Washing Machines Class Action Lawsuit

Mold forming on apple OK; on clothes not so much

Front loading washers look great.  Over the past six years though, many purchasers have reported mold build up in the washing machine.  This leads to among other things mildewy and smelly clothes.  Many consumers report the need to routinely clean the washer drum and even then clothes routinely come out smelling awful.  

Manufactures of front load washers refuse to honor warranty

Compounding the problem of mold build up in the drum of front load washers has been the attitude of many manufacturers.  Consumers have reported that manufactures will not honor expensive warranties and simply tell consumers to clean the drum after every use or “leave the door open”.   

These types of solutions first off do not work but equally concerning is the insulting corporate attitude especially given that front loading washing machines are generally far more expensive than top loading machines.

Front Loading Washing machines may have a fundamental design defect

The lid on a top loading washing machine does not need to be air tight.  Not so with front loading washing machines, obviously.Bacteria build up in front loading washing machine  This then requires the manufacturer to design vents or systems to allow air into the drum or at least design a system to ensure that after each wash cycle all moisture is removed from the drum.  If not bacteria can form, which in turn leads to mold and mildew buildup.  

Pending front load washer class actions challenge large corporations to do the right thing

Over the past five years, law firms have filed many class actions alleging that manufacturers of certain front-loading automatic washers are defectively designed and that the design defects create foul odors from mold and mildew that permeate the washing machines and consumers' homes.mold on front load washing machine class action  The specific class action allegations contend that front loading washing machines have serious design defects that:

  • cause the machines to accumulate mold and mildew and/or residue or growth within the machines,
  • produce a moldy or mildew odor that permeates the washing machines and/or the consumers' homes,
  • produce a mold or mildew odor on clothes and other items washed in the washing machines,
  • fail to clean the washing machines and remove moisture, residue, growth and/or bacteria that lead to the formation of mold, mildew and/or associated foul odors, and
  • be unusable in the manner, to the extent to, and for the purpose for which the washing machines were advertised, marketed, and sold.

Pending front load washer class actions may exclude many consumers

The nature of class actions are such that technically only those consumers that reside in a state in which the class representatives resides are covered should a class action proceed.  Moroever, manufacturers can argue that any settlement need only cover the specific model of front loading washing machine.  Accordingly, all consumers that do not reside in the specific state of residence of the currently named class represeentative or that does not have the exact model may run the risk of being excluded from any settlement.

Report your experience to better insure you are included in any class action

If you experienced problems with your front load washing machine, compelte the contact form on this page and we will contact you to inform you of your rights.