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Class Action Blog

  • This blog article attempts to summarize the status of the various class actions relating to allegedly defective front load washing machines. 

    We have had a lot of inquiry from consumers on these cases, so a couple of initial points/disclaimers:

  • This blog article is intended to provide an update (primarily to our newsletter readers) on the various class actions relating to defective front load washing machines.  The basic question we have received from consumers is whether they are "covered" by the existing class actions.  The fairest answer I can give is "maybe".

  • This  blog post simply runs down the eleven stocks I wrote about in this weeks securities newsletter.

  • Almost daily, investors email or call me with a single question, “how much of my loss in a stock is included in a pending securities fraud class action?” It appears at first blush to be a straightforward question. Like many simple questions, we lawyers have completely muddied the waters turning this into a complex area of the law. This blog article then is the first of four blog articles that will address the issue of how to measure damages in a securities fraud lawsuit. In this article, I introduce and explain two of the simpler examples dealing with purchases made within the class period and sales either during the class period or the day after the class period. I will endeavor to use real time examples in each article.